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Welcome To Stirling Chess Club

Please note that this site will not be updated. Please visit our new site.

The club meets at St Columba’s church on Park Terrace. The club is open to all chess players of whatever strength, and newcomers are always welcome, be they grandmasters or beginners. The season runs until the end of May 2013, with the club meeting each Monday evening from 7pm until 10pm, apart from Christmas Eve and Hogmanay.

There is a range of competitions, at regular time-control chess where games potentially last up to three hours and at allegro chess where each player has just 15 minutes for all their moves. Stirling also fields three teams in the Central Chess League and two teams in the Allegro League, playing against teams from Grangemouth, Dunfermline, Cumbernauld and Broxburn. There are also two joint Stirling–Grangemouth teams, going by the name of Forth Valley, in the Scottish National Chess League.

This Monday’s first evening of the new season starts with the AGM, followed by a friendly five- or six-round blitz tournament, where players have just five minutes for all their moves.